*A Blooming Obsession*

This site is for everyone who loves Orlando.

   Hey all you Orlando fans! My name is Kristen and I absolutely love Orlando Bloom! As you can tell, this site is totally dedicated to the one, the only...ORLANDO BLOOM!!!! I hope that you all like the site. If you have any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me at kristen10_2004@hotmail.com. Thanks for visiting the site.

*August 31,2004*

Hey ya'll. I started college recently. Woohoo! Not really. I met a guy!!;) Anyway, if you'll take a look at my corkborad, there's a post on there in the Romantic News area. It seems that Kate is jealous because Orli has been spending cuddling time with Spiderman 2 star Kirsten Dunst. Well, well...trouble in paradise??

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Orli has sported many hairstyles; which one is your fave?

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